Seabin basket

Seabin basket for sale and rent in Italy

Aquageo, an innovation-oriented company, is able to offer its customers the most advanced solutions in the international market. Aquageo markets the Seabin basket in Italy with sales and rental services.

The Seabin baskets, designed by two Australian surfers and become a global project, are immersed in water and allow to capture 1.5 kilograms per day of microplastics, microfibres and other waste such as cigarettes, cotton buds, plastic wrappers suspended in water.

Seabin baskets are an eco-friendly solution that is increasingly appreciated by public and private sectors, such as administrations, ports, companies, as they represent a clear sign of environmental protection and safeguard. Life in our rivers, lakes, seas and oceans is in fact increasingly threatened by microplastics released by human activities: Seabin baskets are an effective solution, indispensable for those who have chosen to make environmental sustainability and the fight against microplastics a value on which to invest, sending a strong message to the community.

Seabin: how does the floating waste collector work?

Seabin baskets are born from a simple idea that nevertheless uses the best technologies to achieve high performance. Once placed in the water, these real floating waste containers capture microplastics up to 2mm, with an estimated yield of 1.5 tons per year of collected waste.

With a range of action of about 50 metres, which varies according to the conditions of the tide and the wind, each basket sucks water from the surface with a submersible pump that can move up to 25,000 LPH (litres per hour) and makes it go through a 20 kg collection bag, which can be emptied several times a day. The water is then pumped again, cleared of marine debris trapped in the bag.

Seabin baskets also perform an important water purification function, thanks to the use of special blown water-repellent polypropylene fibre cloths capable of retaining oils and hydrocarbons, another serious threat to the life of our seas and oceans.

Available both with a mobile floating structure and with a structure for fixed piers, Seabin baskets are extremely simple to handle and maintain: a single person is able to take care of emptying it without problems and guarantee continuous and autonomous suction with low consumption.

Why choose Seabin baskets?

The Seabin basket is an innovative choice that looks at environmental sustainability in an extremely concrete way. For this reason, it is a solution much appreciated by users, who are increasingly attentive to the actions taken to protect the environment.

In particular, Seabin allows you to:

  • have clean water, collecting accumulated floating waste
  • ensure constant collection, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruptions
  • increase the awareness of users and boat owners on the problem of marine litter
  • be recognized and appreciated for concrete efforts to protect the environment

How much does the Seabin basket cost?

To find out the cost of the Seabin contact us without obligation. Our experts will be able to give you all the answers and offer the most effective solution for your needs. We offer Seabin baskets for sale and for rent, allowing you to field test the effectiveness of our floating waste collectors. We take care of the installation providing after-sales assistance, a maintenance service and supply of any spare parts.

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