Dredges and Dredging Pumps

Electric or Hydraulic Dredging Pumps


Aquageo sells electric or hydraulic dredging pumps of the company Dragflow, the latest innovation in the pump industry for heavy use.

Designed and built to transport any type of mixture, such as bentonite, cement slurries and, in general, water with abrasive solids, these pumps are equipped with an agitator and can be coupled with side excavators or a cutter head to maximize the removal of solid materials from the seabed and the bottom of rivers.

Thanks to these features, the pumps are ideal for dredging and pumping the dirty and high density water resulting from industrial and mining activities.


  • Abrasion resistant materials for maximum durability.

  • High capacity or high head range .

  • Hydraulic or electric engines from 5 CV up to 400 CV.

  • Modular pumps for each type of use.

  • Wear parts with high chrome content to increase the abrasion resistance.

  • Low speed rotation to reduce wear.

  • Ability to lift mixtures with solid content up to 70% by weight.

  • Fast and simple installation on the hydraulic arm of construction equipment.

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