External Pumps

Electric or Diesel Diaphragm Pumps


Aquageo specializes in the sale of Varisco electric or diesel diaphragm pumps. They are the perfect solution for pumping thick, muddy, abrasive liquids with solids in suspension.

Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps that exploit the movement of a coupling rod connected to a diaphragm which serves both as a "vacuum" and a pump.

These diaphragm pumps do not need to be filled, not even for their first use : they are fully self-priming and can handle solids up to 50 mm. These pumps have a discrete capacity, but they can run dry, even for many hours, thanks to the absence of sealing.


  • The liquid is not in contact with any mechanical part : there isn't any mechanical seal or packing.

  • Ability to pump, without clogging, liquids containing fibrous materials : rags, bags or vegetables.

  • Low maintenance, the wear parts are easily replaceable.

  • They can run dry indefinitely without risk of breakage.

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