Modular Floating Platforms and Piers

Cube-Dock system for modular floating platforms and piers

Aquageo offers for sale the innovative Cubo-Dock system to create extremely stable and versatile modular floating platforms and piers. It is a system of interlocking modules that allows you to give life to any size and shape, which can be expanded and transformed at any time.

The Cubo-Dock modules are a reliable and inexpensive solution: they do not require any maintenance or repairs, they are simple to install since they do not require a crane for installation and they are easy to disassemble and store.

The quality of the modules for platforms and floating piers

The modules of the Cubo-Dock system are certified. Made of high-density polyethylene, they are enriched with anti-UV and anti-dyes to ensure maximum durability over time, in all weather conditions.

They are available in:

  • single modules of 50cm x 50cm x 40cm height in light blue
  • double modules of 100cm x 50cm x 40cm height, in the colours: light blue, white and beige

Buoyancy and stability have been certified and tested by the Giordano Institute, withstand a load of 350 kg / m2 in the case of a single layer or 700 kg / m2 in the case of a double layer and have a wave resistance of up to 2 metres, making it possible to build piers and platforms both in the open sea and offshore.


  • 100% recyclable
  • resistant to temperatures from -55 ° to + 75 ° without undergoing deformations or alterations
  • resistant to salt and sea water, acids, sunlight, paints, etc.
  • ergonomic, no sharp corners or edges

The modules can also be coated with Cover-Dock, a composite wood made with wood resins and flours (48% wood flours, 48% PVC, 4% additives and dyes) capable of achieving excellent aesthetic results.

Applications of the Cubo-Dock modular system

The modularity of the Cubo-Dock system makes it an extremely versatile solution that allows the creation of floating platforms and piers of any shape and size for the most varied applications:

  • play platforms and or sundecks, docks and piers for mooring boats, movable bridges over rivers, canals, tanks for fish farms
  • platforms for water parks, diving and rowing centres, restaurants, swimming pools and discos
  • work platforms and machine carriers, temporary bridges and walkways
  • photovoltaic islands

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