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Submersible Aerators Tsurumi


Thanks to the Tsurumi TRN submersible aerator, you have a submersible, blender and compressor engine available in an all-in-one product.

The rotor of the submersible aerator is directly connected to the engine. Its rotation generates a centrifugal force in the water which produces an area of negative pressure in the peripheral area of the impeller. This depression creates a flow of air from the atmosphere to the air inlet conduit. At the same time, water flows into the area around the impeller, mixing with air.

Tsurumi submersible aerators are excellent products in various applications. In particular, they are effective for controlling wastewater and mud loads and preventing the development of smell; to break down the organic substances and stabilize the muds avoiding the development of smell; to neutralize alkaline wastewater; in the case of floatation of oils and fats and for the improvement of aeration in natural waters in the case of eutrophic phenomena.


  • High oxygen supply: optimal distribution and high oxygen efficiency due to the presence of a high number of microscopic air bubbles;

  • Perfect mixing inside the tank: a strong flow of water mixed with air ensures that every part of the tank is oxygenated and that sediment does not form;

  • Simplicity, strength and compactness: the bearings and the mechanical seal both in oil bath are oversized. The sucked air exerts a pressure on the water outside the impeller and forms an air cushion that avoids the contact of the mechanical seal with the water, reducing faults and ensuring a long life of the submersible aerator;

  • Further advantages: frost resistant; low noise level; easy installation and maintenance, large oil chamber; front casing entirely made of cast iron.

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