Dredges and Dredging Pumps

Sale and rental of dredges

Aquageo offers the most reliable and performing dredges for sale and for rent. The dredges in the catalogue are available in many models, thus satisfying all application needs: from super-compact to radio-controlled dredges, from cable dredges to telescopic or Elinda tower cranes.

Compact dredges, low cost and easy to assemble

In particular, we offer DRF series dredges and economic and versatile mini dredges that allow you to have small pontoons at a reduced cost, simplifying both the transport and assembly phases. In fact, they have extremely small dimensions and can be easily disassembled and reassembled. In addition, thanks to the reduced draft, the DRF dredges are particularly suitable for shallow basins.

The DRF dredges allow you to move the pump with precision thanks to the electric winch, to turn the pump on and off, move the dredge and activate the emergency stop via wire control. In addition, these compact dredges have significant stability thanks to the buoyancy capacity of 350 kg / m2.

Consult the catalogue to find out all the available sizes or contact us for more information on the sale and rental of DRF dredges.

Efficient and safe radio-controlled dredges

The DRP series of radio-controlled dredges are the flagship of the dredges that Aquageo offers for sale and for rent. These are remotely controlled dredges suitable for dredging complex environments with limited accessibility. Thanks to their application versatility, they can be used in ports, quarries, mines and industrial basins.

Thanks to the possibility of being remotely controlled, they facilitate greater protection and safety for operators, making them highly recommended in the presence of acidic or corrosive substances, as often happens in the mining or industrial sector. The remote control, intuitive and easy to use, simplifies the maneuverability of the dredge, allowing to remotely operate the dredge, the pump and the various accessories.

The radio controlled dredges of the DRP series save time and costs, as they can be transported and assembled much easier and faster than the larger versions. The low draft and the compact structure allow to operate even in narrow basins and / or in shallow waters.

The DRP dredges also have the possibility to automate the movements of the pump and to monitor the work history via the control panel. They are equipped with advanced detection tools to monitor performance and keep it constant over time. Finally, they can be customized on request with GPS, video surveillance, position lights and other accessories.

Discover the technical characteristics and the various models and sizes of DRP dredges by consulting the catalogue or contact us without obligation for more information on our sales and rental service for radio-controlled dredges.

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