Tsurumi Skimmers


The Tsurumi skimmer, by means of a flow rate system and a venturi tube system, allows the suction of what floats on the water surface. The venturi effect generates a suction force inside the mouth of the collection that allows to pump oils, foams and solid bodies effectively.

The Tsurumi skimmer consists of a set of three floats connected to a frame that support the pump. By simply adjusting the floats, it is possible to give a stable position to the pump inlet cone based on the surface of the changing liquid. A powerful injector helps the pump to pump water, air or foams constantly.


  • Extreme effectiveness and precision: the Tsurumi skimmer pumps collect more foam and less surface liquids compared to equivalent models;

  • Easy installation thanks to a flexible tube;

  • Applications: collection and relaunch of floating foams to the water treatment plant; collection of solid bodies suspended on the water surface; collection of super-floating liquids near the water surface.

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